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design philosophy
playable and maintainable
Bunkers can be designed to be visually attractive, challenging and mowable. 
Wide gap allows for mowers to
go between bunkers.
Expanding a green so it becomes more playable and maintainable.

Golf Designs Unlimited realizes that owning and operating a golf course is a business and the ultimate success of any course is based on its acceptance by the golfer and the repeat play. The playability of a course directly affects whether a golfer will return, therefore, affects its financial success.

Playable conditions relate to many different factors such as course design, conditioning (maintenance), difficulty, style, speed of play and operations.  As architects we cannot control the operations of the club, but we do directly influence the aforementioned factors by our design and construction methods.

Golf Designs Unlimited understands the influence design and construction has on the long term maintenance of a golf course.  We address these issues from the very start of every project by designing problem areas out such as:


  • Steep slopes, which need tobe groomed by fly mowers.
  • Bunker face which erode, by directing water flow away from the bunkers.
  • Over watered and wet turfgrass areas, by retaining  a professional irrigation consultant, inspecting drain pipe installation and by ensuring accurate finished grade elevations.
  • Unhealthy green surfaces, by specifying conforming green materials and approving them prior to installation.