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managing the budget
Creating a mature look with transplanted trees.

Inspections by the golf course architect is key in keeping a project on budget and completed in a timely basis.
One of our goals is to provide cost containment for every project.  The financial success of any course begins with a detailed budget, an accurate set of construction drawings and comprehensive bid specifications.  This insures that  “change orders" and “extras” are kept to a minimum during the construction phase.   These measures in conjunction with frequent site visits by the golf course architect will help to decrease construction mistakes that invariably lead to cost overruns.

David Ginkel Design believes that the successful design of a golf course is determined by the manner in which it is constructed.  Therefore, the firm devotes a huge amount of time to construction observation.  During construction we visit the site regularly to ensure that the design drawings are being adhered to and the course is being constructed properly.  During these visits the golf course architect will also make artistic adjustments which will define the character of the golf course.  These intense on-site observations, combined with our detailed construction drawings ensures that every project will be completed on schedule and within budget.