david ginkel design - creating art on a grand scale
design philosophy

David Ginkel Design believes in a return to classic golf course design principles based on strategic shot values. 

Residential Golf Course Routing Plan

A good golf course starts with a well designed routing and layout.  

From this foundation individual holes are created using strategically placed golf course features which provide the “risk equals reward” shot values as opposed to “penal” shot values.

The objective of David Ginkel Design is to work in partnership with owners and other design professionals to generate solutions which are affordable to build, enjoyable to play, easy to maintain, and fit with the surrounding environment. 

David Ginkel Design believes that the land should dictate the character of a golf course whenever possible.  Today, however many of the sites we work with are not perfectly suited for a golf course.  It is in this type of situation that we thrive by utilizing our technical design background and problem solving expertise to make the most out of a project.  These attributes are what set us apart from our competitors.