david ginkel design - creating art on a grand scale
design philosophy
creating character

A classic high flashed bunker adds
character to a short par 3.

A low flashing green side bunker with grass slopes adds character to this large green.

David Ginkel Design has no preconceived ideas about the style of a golf course. Our philosophy is anytime a certain style is forced on a golf course the end result will not only look out of place but will  cost more to build and eventually maintain.  We take what the site offers and enhance it into a enjoyable, maintainable and playable golf course. 

We believe that every project we work on should have its own style and unique character.  The most successful golf courses in the world are rarely identified by the architects style but rather by how enjoyable they are to play.

Features such as greens, tees, fairways, sand bunkers, grass bunkers, water hazards, mounding and native vegetation will differ on each project.  We do not believe that all features belong on all golf courses.  We design features specifically to fit each golf course and locate them in order to create challenging and strategic shot values for all golfers.